Havelock Island

Havelock is a pleasant island with lovely sandy shorelines and rich green woods. It is one of the populated islands in the Andaman gathering of the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is a characteristic heaven, loaded with white sand shorelines, coral reefs with a vivid exhibit of sea-going life, palm trees, and in addition thick woods in the insides.

Havelock is a longish real estate parcel (territory 113 sq.km) lying on a north-west to south-east pivot in the gathering of islands altogether called the Ritchie's Archipelago, found 39 kms upper east of Port Blair. Individuals primarily from Bengal have been settled just on the northern, onethird piece of the island.Each town and the abutting shoreline are alluded to both by a number and a name. The pier is in the north at Village No.1 and is the theoretical focus of the island. Radhanagar Beach (No.7) is 12 Km. South West, Vijaynagar (No.5) is 4 Km. SouthEast of the breakwater. The fundamental bazaar is at No.3. The greater part of the settlement is situated in No.5 (Vijaynagar). There are a few inns in No.3, No.1 and No.7 and even at Kalapathar - 10 kms far from the breakwater.

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13 Top things to do in Havelock (Swaraj Dweep)

  1. Beach visits
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Sunbathing
  4. Surfing
  5. Swimming
  6. Game fishing
  7. Sunset or Sunrise watching
  8. Bird watching
  9. Trekking
  10. Scuba Diving
  11. Sailing
  12. Kayaking
  13. Shopping Sea shell decorative pieces

Visit havelock during Monsoon

The Andaman and Nicobar islands are honored with the two storms viz the South East and North West. Downpours sets as ahead of schedule in May and proceeds up to November. On the off chance that you are nature lover visits the islands amid storms and particularly Havelock. It in reality gives you a greater number of alternatives than amid ordinary season! It is ensured that no chance your visit in the island and exercises you wish to embrace will be influenced in view of rain. There is no water stopping up or congested driving conditions. Also, it just rains discontinuously abandoning you enough time for outside.

Envision strolling through the rich insides of calm town in the rain breathing in the exciting scent of growing paddy fields, tremendous banana fields, through the vegetable and natural products plant the cultivators have deliberately developed on approach to Kalapathar and improve your body and soul. Appreciate the excellent sight of arrangement of mists, opening of sky and bathe yourself in the rain before your comfortable houses, in the midst of the smell of the newly fermented espresso. Or, then again take a long stroll along the ocean shore or play volley ball or some indoor recreations. Still not fulfilled, visit the town advertise (3 No) to see villagers offering new vegetables or to the wharf and look for yourself seeing tremendousness of crisp gets of fishes in various sizes and shades. More than anything, the storm presents, more space for you both underneath, above and adrift level.

Radhanagar Beach

  • Radhanagr beach
The Radhanagar Beach on Havelock has been voted as the Best Beach of Asia when Magazine in the year 2004 on the premise of the nature of sand, ocean, profundity and different parameters. Getting a charge out of the Radhanagar Beach is the most lovable movement in Havelock. Radhanagar is a long, bow molded remarkable shoreline of silver sand with a western perspective and a high conveying limit.

It's foreshore is surrounded by fine, develop example trees of the tropical rainforest and it ends toward the north and south by steeply rising ground which end up noticeably woods secured buffs dropping down to the ocean. For the individuals who jump at the chance to be with the nature, the Department of Tourism offers comfortable and ecofriendly settlement directly before the shoreline at Radhanagar. Make sure to remain there till dusk as the photo culminate view will stay carved in your mind rest of your life.

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  • Radhanagr beach

    Radhanagar beach

  • Vijay Nagar

Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar is a long extend of sand on the east bank of the island, punctuated once in a while by shake segment. The greater part of the shoreline is lined by huge mahua trees whose trunks develop along the ground for some feet before they start to climb vertically. These trees have loaned an unmistakable character to the ocean front, and give shade near the water. Vijaynagar Beach is ideal for long strolls along the ocean.

The prime property of the Department of Tourism, Dolphin Resort, is arranged directly before beach.

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  • Vijay Nagar

    Vijay Nagar

Elephant Beach

Another dazzling shoreline Elephant Beach can be come to by means of little pontoon by cruising through the dull blue ocean. On the other hand, one can make a trek to Elephant Beach by taking a bypass from the Forest camp on approach to Radhanagar which would take around 45 minutes. Snorkeling in this shoreline is an important and lifetime encounter. For the individuals who would prefer not to wet their feet and still jump at the chance to appreciate the submerged corals, one can simply investigate the same by leasing glass base pontoons from private vessel administrators.

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  • Elephant Beach

    Elephant Beach