• Neil Island View

Neil Island Neil is a small and picturesque island located 37 Kms. to port blair. It is now renamed as Shaheed Dweep . It is developed as part of trioka for tourits to visit andaman islands with Port blair,Neil Island and Havelock Island.There is lot of emphasis given of developing conenctivity between these three places for the convinience of the travellers.It is best place to do scuba dive to explore coral reefs in night.It also boast many water sports facility likespeed boat,jet ski ride ,Glass bottom boat for coral viewing,snorkelling and game fishing and swimming in white sandy beaches. Neil Island is also known as the 'kitchen garden' of the Andamans as majority of consumed vegetable of this islands are cultivated here and sold at wholesale rate to merchants ,who then further distributes to diffrent part of nadamn islands.Manily Bengali settlers inhibit this island. The settlers named the places of Neil Island ( Shaheed Dweep) , after characters of the hindu epic Ramayana like Bharatpur, Laxmanpur, Sitapur etc. The width of the island is about 5 kms in length. You can walk the whole island in about 2.5 hours. Unlike most of the islands in the Andaman Group, Neil has a flat terrain. The island is also comparatively small, with an area of 19 square kilometers . The serenity of village life is found here.No broadband or internet connectivity in the Neil island, No ATMs or scheduled banks in the Neil Isalnd. Mobile communication services reach Neil Island. By Diesel sets, Power is generated in this Island. There is a Primary Health Centre and a sub-centre functioning on this island. Auto-rickshaws, motorbikes, cycles and omni vans are the only Public Transport means in this Island and there is no Bus service. A Police outpost and a Helipad is also located on the Neil island

Best Season Time to visit Neil Island

  • October to April
    If you wish to snorkel or dive in the waters around Neil Island, then this is an ideal season.
  • May to September
    During October to April, the limited accommodation available on the island remains occupied. Therefore, it is ideal to schedule your visit during May to September. So you will have some chance to secure suitable accommodation.
  • Since Neil Island's Land are intermittent and the ground soaks up the water immediately, the rains will not interfere with your activities.

8 Best Places to visit in Neil Island

  • 1. Bharatpur Beach
  • 2. Laxmanpur I Beach
  • 3. Laxmanpur II Beach
  • 4. Sitapur Beach
  • 5. Howrah Bridge Natural Rock Formation
  • 6. Sir Hugeh Rose Island
  • 7. Neil Kendra
  • 8. Scuba Sites near Howrah bridge

Connectivity Mainland — Port Blair Sector

By Air
  • From the Flights of Kolkata or Chennai, Port Blair, the gateway of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be accessed by a 2 hours.
  • Ships from the sea of Kolkata Chennai or Visakhapatnam,Port Blair, the gateway of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be accessed.
The following Airlines operate flights to Port Blair,
SI.No. Name of Airlines Sector
1. Air India Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai (daily)
Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata (daily)
2. Jet Airways Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai (daily)
3. Kingfisher Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai (daily)
4. Kingfisher Red Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai (daily)
5. Jet Lite Delhi-Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata - Delhi (daily)

By Sea
  • Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam are the three regular passenger ship services are available to Port Blair.
  • From Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair,there are three to four sailings every month
  • There is one sailing for Visakhapatnam in a month.
  • The ship normally berths at Port Blair for about two to four days and The voyage takes about 50 to 60 hours
  • please visit www.and.nic.in for information of ship tickets, tariff and sailing schedule.

Charter Flights
  • The Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India permits foreign charter flight to land at Port Blair( Andaman Islands) subject to conformity of the guidelines issued by the Director General, Civil Aviation.
  • The guidelines issued by the Director General, Civil Aviation regarding charter flights are available at www.dgca.nic.in

Connectivity : Port Blair - Neil Island Sector

How to Reach Neil Island from Port Blair and Havelock Island by government ferry.

  • From Port Blair Phoenix Bay Harbour to Neil Island,Directorate of Shipping Services operates regular boat services.
  • Speed boats takes an hour and forty five minutes to Neil Island
Ferry Schedule (a) Departure Time
SI.No. From To Dept Time
1 Port Blair Neil Island 6:30 AM
2 Neil Island Port Blair 8:45 AM
3 Port Blair Neil Island 11:30 AM
4 Neil Island Port Blair 3:30 PM
5 Port Blair Neil Island 6:15 AM
6 Neil Island Port Blair 11:30 AM
7 Port Blair Rangat 6:15 AM

Ferry Schedule (b) Journey Hours
SI.No. From To Jour Hours
1 Port Blair Neil Island 02 Hrs
2 Neil Island Port Blair 02 Hrs
3 Port Blair Neil Island 02 Hrs
4 Neil Island Port Blair 02 Hrs
5 Port Blair Neil Island 02 Hrs
6 Neil Island Port Blair 02 Hrs
7 Port Blair Rangat 06 Hrs

Ferry Schedule (c) Remarks
SI.No. From To Remarks
1 Port Blair Neil Island Daily
2 Neil Island Port Blair Daily
3 Port Blair Neil Island Daily
4 Neil Island Port Blair Daily
5 Port Blair Neil Island Monday, Wednes day, Saturday
6 Neil Island Port Blair Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
7 Port Blair Rangat Monday, Wednes day, Saturday via Neil Island, Havelock, Strait Island & Long Island

  • The schedule for ferry services are released four days in advance and published in Government newspaper - The Daily Telegrams, broadcasts in local All India Radio and also available in the official website.
  • One way ticket Charges for speed boat to Neil is as follows
    • Berth- ₹ 235/-
    • Sitting- ₹ 190/-
  • From the STARS (Ship Ticket Advance Reservation System), boat tickets from Port Blair to Neil and return journey could be purchased four days in advance which has run the Directorate of Shipping Services at places like Chennai (6, Rajaji Salai, Chennai-1), Port Blair (Phoenix Bay Harbour), Diglipur, Mayabunder, Rangat, Havelock & Hut Bay.
    • Timings to purchase boat tickets- 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM
    • Lunch break for STARS staff is 1.00 PM to 2.00 PM.
  • One needs to submit requisition form for booking of tickets and produce ID proof at the time of boarding of vessel.

How to reach Neil Island By Helicopter

In association with the Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited,The Andaman and Nicobar Administration operates weekly Helicopter service from Port Blair to Neil subject to demand. It flies a 10-seater Dauphin 365-N Helicopter to Neil Island. Please check it out.
For further information,please visit, Helicopter
For schedule and booking of seats in Helicopter contact:
Officer in Charge (Operations), Civil Aviation
A&N Administration,Port Blair
☏ 03192-233601 ☏ 03192-233601
The Junior Engineer (APWD)
Neil Island
📱 9434266512 📱 9434266512

16 best Things to Do in Neil Island

  1. Snorkeling
  2. Scuba diving
  3. Game fishing
  4. Trekking
  5. Sunbathing
  6. Birdwatching
  7. Jet Ski Ride
  8. Glass bottom Coral View Ride
  9. Speed Boat Ride
  10. Cruise
  11. Bharatpur Beach Visit
  12. Laxmanpur Beach Visit
  13. Sitapur Beach Visit
  14. Howrah Bridge Natural Rock Formation
  15. Cycling
  16. Swimming


Cycling improves your strength, stamina and aerobic fitness with minimal risk.It is a low-impact exercise, and is especially appropriate for people with problems in their joints, being a non-weight bearing sport. Cycling outdoors in Neil Island can be great fun! A cycle is the ideal vehicle to explore the tiny and flat Neil Island. It is essential that you select a bike suited to your needs. To set the saddle to the correct height, sit on the saddle and place the pedal on the lowest position. When you put your heel on the pedal, the knee should be slightly bent. It is only when the cycle and the body are in harmony with each other that an optimum performance can be achieved.
Calories burned: 230 per 45 minutes.
Areas toned: Thighs and hips


Exercising in the water gives you a new dimension, a sense of freedom, which needs to be experienced.Neil Island is better place in the Andamans than to give you the right swimming environment.Swimming relaxes and rejuvenates the mind, bodyand spirit.Swimming is probably the closest you can get to a perfect form of exercise. The buoyancy of water protects the joints of the body from exertion. The cushioning that the water provides makes swimming a special and safe sport.It tones your entire body while providing an cardiovascular workout.It strengthens your heart muscle and also improves delivery of oxygen to the muscles.

Swimming is an ideal exercise for all age groups. Whether you are nine months or 90 years old, one is never too young or too old to swim. It Compare swimming to running: the runner's legs and feet have to withstand a gravitational force that is two to three times their body weight each time their foot strikes the ground. Swimming, on the other hand, places almost no stress on the joints, while having the ability to provide as intense a workout as running. Neil boasts of three excellent beaches, all of them within easy cycl5 distance. One can rent cycles from the shop keepers.
Calories burned while swimming:370 in 45 minutes
Areas toned:Arms, shoulders, chest, back, abdominals, thighs and hips.

  • Bharatpur Beach View
  • Bharatpur Beach View
  • Lakshmanpur-I Beach
  • Lakshmanpur-II Beach

Best Places to Visit in Neil Island

As you disembark from the boat at Neil Jetty and walk towards the village market of Neil Kendra, the beaches appear before you in the form of a long arc. On the left side of the jetty is Bharatpur Beach and on the right Laxmanpur Beach.

Neil Kendra

Neil Kendra is the heart of the island. Neil Kendra, a gently curving bay of white sand straddles the Neil jetty, scattered with picturesque wooden fishing boats.
Things To Do : Shopping Bengali sweets.

Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur is one of the best beaches known for swimming and coral-watching with a vast sandy stretch and which is half a kilometer from the jetty.Because of activity options, this beach is ideally recommended for youngsters.One can hire glass-bottom boats for coral viewing from private operators. The sea around the Jetty area is full of corals with schools of fish swimming around.
Things To Do: Scuba diving, snorkelling, glass bottom boat coral viewing, swimming,jet ski ride and speed boat ride.

Lakshmanpur-I Beach

The secluded beach of Lakshmanpur lies 2 kms north of the Neil jetty. The beach is a broad spur of white shell sand with shallow water and offers a good snorkeling option. Sunbathing and swimming are other attractions. You can view spectacular sunsets from this beach.
Things To Do : Swimming and Visit Sunset point

Lakshmanpur-II Beach

Laxmanpur-II Beach lies about 2 kms from the jetty. This rocky beach has plenty of coral formation, ornamental fish, sea urchins, sea anemones, sea cucumbers, star fish etc., which are best suited for people looking for scuba dive. One needs to be on ones guard as the rocky surface can get slippery. Nearby natural rock formations also know as howrah bridge are the main tourist attraction.
Things To Do : Scuba diving and snorkelling

Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach is exposed to the open sea and thus prone to higher tides. It is 5 kilometres to the south and at the tip of the island. Sitapur Beach is best suited to watch the sunrise with an impressive backdrop of natural vegetation and formations. A variety of crops and forest trees are seen at the journey from the Jetty to Sitapur beach rejovinate oneself.
Things To Do : Scuba diving ,snorkelling and swimming

Howrah Bridge

A natural rock formation in Laxmanpur beach is locally known as the Howrah Bridge. You need to visit the place during low tide beacause the retreating sea leaves behind many a secret from its treasure trove.
Things To Do : Fishing and nature exploration

Sir Hugh Rose Island

Sir Hugh Rose Island is tiny island is located at the southern tip of Neil Island and is locally known as 'Chhota' Neil (Small Neil). This island has been declared a wildlife sanctuary and is a turtle-nesting ground. Individuals have to obtain permission from the Deputy Range Officer, Forest Department at Neil Island to visitthis island. Only day visits are permitted.

  • Howrah Bridge View
  • Sitapur Beach View
  • Howrah Bridge View
  • Sir Hugh Rose Island


Hawabill Nest Guest House of the Directorate of Tourism provides comfortable accommodation. There are a few private hotels also in Neil Island which provide accommodation at reasonable rates. Foreign tourists tend to spend upto two weeks on this island.

Government Accommodation
Name of the Resort No of Rooms Total No. of Beds Tariff Phn Nos
A/c D/B N A/c D/B NA/c S/B Dormitory (4 bedded N/A/c)
Hawabill Nest, Dept. of Tourism, Neil Island 07 18 ₹ 800/- - - ₹ 600/- ☏ 91-3192282630 ☏ 91-3192282630
A.P.W.D, Inspection Bungalow, Neil Island 02 04 ₹ 800/- ₹ 400/- - - 📱 9434266512 📱 91-9434266512
Government Accommodation
SL.NO 01
Name of the Resort Hawabill Nest, Dept. of Tourism, Neil Island
No of Rooms 07
Total No. of Beds 18
A/c D/B Tariff ₹ 800/-
Dormitory (4 bedded N/A/c) Tariff ₹ 600/-
Phn Nos ☏ 91-3192282630
SL.NO 02
Name of the Resort A.P.W.D, Inspection Bungalow, Neil Island
No of Rooms 02
Total No. of Beds 04
A/c D/B Tariff ₹ 800/-
N A/c D/B Tariff ₹ 400/-
Phn Nos 📱 9434266512

Booking of accommodation in Hawabill Nest must be made from the Reception Desk of Directorate of Tourism, Port Blair, ☏ 91-3192-232694 ☏ 91-3192-232694

Private Accommodation
SL. No. Name of the Resort/ Hotel No.of Rooms Total No. of Beds Emails, Websites, Phone Nos.
1 Hotel Pearl Park, Lakshmanpur 26 52 www.andamanpearlpark.com
📩 pearlpark_2002@yahoo.co.in ☏ 91-3192-214711 📱 9434260132 ☏ 91-3192-214711
📱 9434260132
2 Tango Beach Resort, Lakshmanpur 20 40 www.tangobeachandaman.com
📩 tangobeachresort@rediffmail.com ☏ 91-3192-282583 📱 9434-270454 ☏ 91-3192-282583
📱 9434270454
3 Hotel Kingfisher, Neil Kendra 11 22 www.andamanpearlpark.com
📩 pearlpark_2002@yahoo.co.in ☏ 91-33192-214711 📱 9434-270454 ☏ 3192-214711
📱 9434260132
4 Cocon Hut Resort, Laxmanpur 14 18 📩 ashok2008@gmail.com ☏ 91-3192-282528 📱 9476-045801 ☏ 3192-282528
📱 9476045801
5 AND, Resort Bharatpur 08 16 ☏ 3192-214722 📱 9474-238770 ☏ 3192-214722
📱 9474238770
6 Moon Shine Laxmanpur 07 14 ☏ 3192-214754 📱 9474-215894 ☏ 3192-214754
📱 99474215894

Private Accommodation
SL. NO 01
Name of the Resort/ Hotel Hotel Pearl Park, Lakshman pur
No.of Rooms 26
Total No. of Beds 52
Email 📩 pearlpark_2002@yahoo.co .in
Website www.andamanpearlpark. com
Phone No ☏ 91-3192-214711 📱 9434260132
SL. NO 02
Name of the Res-ort/ Hotel Tango Beach Resort,Lakshmanpur
No.of Rooms 20
Total No. of Beds 40
Email 📩 tangobeachresort@ rediffmail.com
Website www.tangobeach andaman.com
Phone No ☏ 91-3192-282583
SL. NO 03
Name of the Res-ort/ Hotel Hotel Kingfisher, Neil Kendra
No.of Rooms 11
Total No. of Beds 22
Email 📩 pearlpark_2002 @yahoo.co.in
Website www.andamanpearl park.com
Phone No ☏ 91-33192-214711 📱 9434-270454
SL. NO 04
Name of the Res-ort/ Hotel Cocon Hut Resort, Laxmanpur
No.of Rooms 14
Total No. of Beds 18
Email 📩 ashok2008@gmail.com
Phone No ☏ 91-3192-282528 📱 9476-045801
SL. NO 05
Name of the Res-ort/ Hotel AND, Resort Bharatpur
No.of Rooms 08
Total No. of Beds 16
Phone No ☏ 3192-214722 📱 9474-238770
SL. NO 06
Name of the Res-ort/ Hotel Moon Shine Laxmanpur
No.of Rooms 7
Total No. of Beds 14
Phone No ☏ 3192-214754 📱 9474-215894

Tours & Travels
SL. No. Name of the Travels Phone Nos.
1 Aniket Tours &Travels 📱 9474214535 📱 9476037686 📱 9474214535
📱 9434-270454 📱 9476037686
2 Antara Tours & Travels 📱 9434264832 📱 9434264832
3 Debashish Tours & Travels 📱 3192 282511 📱 9474 215972 📱 9474 222344 ☏ 3192-282511
📱 9474215972
📱 9474222344
4 Lalita Tours & Travels 📱 9474 229361 📱 9474229361
5 Neha Tours & Travels 📱 3192 282620 📱 9474222404 📱 9474212840 ☏ 3192 282620
📱 9474 222404
📱 9474212840
6 Ritesh Tours & Travels 📱 9474287944 📱 9474287944
7 Ritika Tours &Travels 📱 9474244706 📱 9474244706
8 Sarkar Tours &Travels 📱 9434295134 📱 9434295134
9 Sarthak Tours & Travels 📱 9474249657 📱 9474249657
10 Smriti Tours & Travels 📱 9474290196 📱 9474290196
11 Shubham Tours &Travels 📱 9474239576 📱 9474239576
12 Suhasini Tours &Travels 📱 9474224032 📱 9474223940 📱 9474224032
📱 9474223940
13 Lala Babu Tours & Travels 📱 9474212810 📱 9474212810
14 Anna Tours & Travels 📱 9474212810 📱 9474212810
15 Rose Bud Tours & Travels 📱 9474286978 📱 9474286978
16 Mohan Tours & Travels 📱 9474224045 📱 9474224045

Dive Shops

Name of Shop : India Scuba Explorers, Laxmanpu r, Neil Island
No. of Dives : One Dive Two Dives Six Dives Eight Dives Ten Dives Twelve Dives Snorkeling Trip
Padi Dive Courses :Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water Course, Advanced Course, Rescue Diver, Dive Master
Website, Email, Phone No. : 📱 9474238646 📱 9474238646 📩 info@indiascubaexplorers.com
Log on: www.indiascubaexplorers.com

Boat Operators
Facilities: Game fishing, Glass bottom boat, Snorkeling
SI. No. Name of the Boat Operators Phone No.
1 Neha Corals View 📱 9474212840 📱 9474212840
2 Tango Cruise 📱 9474222404 📱 9434270454 📱 9474222404
📱 9434270454
3 Rudraksh 📱 9474212810 📱 9474212810
4 Rose Bud 📱 9474201387 📱 9474201387
5 Shark 📱 9474236713 📱 9474236713

Name of the Restaurant Cuisine Phone No.
Blue Sea Restaurant, Ram Nagar Non-vegetarian,Non-veg, Chinese 📱 9474201387 📱 9474286978 📱 9474201387
📱 9474286978
Chand Restaurant, Neil Kendra North Indian, Chinese, Continental,contl, Bengali thali 📱 9476026744 📱 9474222395 📱 9476026744
📱 9474222395
Gyan Garden Restaurant, Lakshmanpur Non-vegetarian,Non-veg, Chinese 📱 9474239576 📱 9474239576
Moon Shine Restaurant, Lakshmanpur Non-vegetarian,Non-veg, Chinese 📱 9474215894 ☏ 03192-214754 📱 9474215894
☏ 03192-214754

Name of Rental Particulars Phone No.
Chand Rentals, Neil Kendra Motor Cycle
📱 9476026744 📱 9474222395 📱 9476026744
📱 9474222395
Debashish Tours and Travels, Neil Island Motor Cycle
📱 9474222344 📱 9474222344
G. C. Das & Sons, Neil Kendra Motor Cycle
📱 9474215976 📱 9474215976
Kajal Das Stores, Neil Kendra Motor Cycle
📱 9474222421 📱 9474241825 📱 9474222421
📱 9474241825
Neha Rentals, Lakshman pur Motor Cycle
📱 9474212840 📱 9474212840
Shanti Rentals, Neil Kendra Motor Cycle
📱 9474222420 📱 9474222420
Shiva Kumar Stores, Neil Kendra Motor Cycle
📱 9474226323 ☏ 03192-214002 📱 9474226323
☏ 03192-214002

Important Telephone Nos.
SL. No. Name of Establishment Phone No.
1 Police Station ☏ 03192-282602 ☏ 282602
2 Primary Health Centre ☏ 03192-282627 ☏ 282627
3 Police Radio ☏ 03192-282676 ☏ 282676
4 Pradhan (Village Head) ☏ 03192-214739 ☏ 214739
5 Telephone Exchange ☏ 03192-282600 ☏ 03192-282601 ☏ 282600
☏ 282601
6 Electricity Department ☏ 03192-282566 ☏ 282566
7 A.P.W.D. 📱 9434266512 📱 9434266512


  • There are no special permits required for visiting Neil Island.
  • The permits which foreign nationals can obtain from Indian Missions overseas or from the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi or from the Foreigner's Regional Registration Offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai & Chennai for 30 days (extendable for another 15 days by the Supt. of Police Andaman - Port Blair), cover Neil island in case tourists intend to visit the island.

Safety Tips For Sea Enthusiasts

Andaman & Nicobar Islands have many beaches which are sandy beaches and coral reefs.But only some of these beaches are supervised for safe swimming, snorkeling and diving. Though Andaman water is generally safe for swimming and looks inviting, it also has some dangerous marine animals, which may come in conflict due to mistaken identity such as prey or to defend their territory. Though such incidences were never reported in Neil Island, visitors are advised to observe following precautions for a safe and enriching swimming experience.

Do's :
  • Find out about safe swimming or diving area from the Local Tour Operators, Tourist Information Center,Staff of the Forest Department and Local Tour Operators. Do not swim in Protected Areas to avoid dangerous animals.
  • Look for the safety sign boards. They help you to identify potential dangers.
  • Ask a lifeguard on duty for some advice on swimming conditions like local currents, tides, visibility, and the presence of dangerous marine creatures etc. Swimming conditions can change quickly, so seek prior advice from a lifeguard before entering the water in an unpatrolled area.
  • Get a friend to swim with you so that you can look out for each other's safety and get help, if needed. Children should always be supervised by an adult. Avoid swimming in the dark.
  • Raise your hand up for helpif you get into trouble in the water. Stay calm and wave your arm for help.

Don'ts :
  • Avoid night swimming or diving.
  • Avoid diving or swimming amongst school of fish. This may attract predatory fishes such as sharks.
  • If you have an open wound, please avoid swimming.
  • Do not swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not dangle your arms or legs in the water during boat rides.
  • Shiny jewellery or bright colored clothes resembles fins of small fishes and may attract predatory fishes. Avoid such accessory or clothing while swimming.
  • If you have an open wound, please avoid swimming.Many predatory fish are attracted to blood odour.

Look out for harmful marine animals

A. Jelly Fishes
Their sting may cause pain and giddiness. Don'ttouch or play with them. Get ashore if you see a large school of Jelly Fish. In case of a sting, apply vinegar or an ice pack. Do not rub.

B. Sharks
They normally present in open sea and some parts of coral reef areas. Avoid swimming or diving alone and don't enter the water with open wounds.

C. Sea Snakes
Some sea snakes are poisonous and are usually recognized by their paddle-like tail. They can be aggressive if handled or stepped on. Stay well away from them.

D. Stone Fish
They are present in shallow coral and rocks or camouflaged in mud and sand. It has venomous dorsal spines and its sting could be lethal. To avoid sting never walk on coral reef area. Never lift rocks or corals. Wear sturdy sandals while walking in shallow coastal waters.

E. Salt water crocodiles
They are noticed in creeks, mangrove areas, sheltered waters and mouths of creeks. Please avoid swimming or diving in these areas. If you spot a crocodile, get ashore and alert the authorities. 1160 Crocodiles also move large distances in the open sea and can be found in coral reefs as well.

For More Info Contact:

Andaman and Nicobar Adminstration,
Directorate of Tourism,
Port Blair-744101,
Andaman & Nicobar Islands,
☏ 03192-244013 ☏ 03192-244081 ☏ 03192-244013
☏ 03192-244081
📠 Fax: 03192-230933
📩 andaman_tourism@rediffmail.com
Tourist Information Centre,
Directorate of Tourism
Andaman & Nicobar Administration
Port Blair - 744 101
☏ 03192-232694 ☏ 03192-232694 📠 Fax: 03192-232747
📩 andaman_tourism@rediffmail.com
Log on: www.and.nic.in

The In-charge Hawabill Nest Guest house ,
Directorate of Tourism,
Neil Island
☏ 03192-282630 ☏ 03192-282630
The Chief Wildlife Warden ,
Andaman Nicobar islands,
Van Sadan, Haddo,
Port Blair
☏ 3192-233270 ☏ 3192-233270

Office of the Dy. Ranger,
Environment and Forest Department
Neil Island
The Dy. Conservator of Forests (Wild Life),
Haddo, Port Blair
☏ 3192-232816 ☏ 3192-232816