Andaman and Nicobar,a group of 572 island and islets spread overr like a broken pearl in bay of bengal covering an area of 8,246kms over a distance of 700km of ocean from north to south,the island,although an union territory of India,is very close to Rangoon(Burma)Thailand and Malaysia.

Endless variety of indigenous and exotic flore and fauna.These lush green mangroves along with golden sandy beaches on the meandering coast line,and excellent scope of water sports,diving care free destination.

Cellular Jail(National museum)

The cellular jail is situated at port blair in andaman its construction in the year 1896 and was completed in 1906,Into this horrid world were sent,hardened criminals and patriots who dares to raise their voice against the British empire. Thousands of freedom fighters and convicts languished for years in solitary confinement in the cells,having a small ventillators at a height of 3 mtrs from the floor.

Chatham Saw Mill

Built a tine island connected by bridge over a stretch of sea water,this saw mill was one of the oldest and biggest in Asia.It is a store house of rare specimen of timber including padauk,koko,chuklam,Marble and Stain wood.

Ross Island

Once the seat of british power and capital of these island,now it stands as a ruin of the bygone days with the old structure almost in debris.A small museum named ‘Smritika’ holds photographs,and other antiques of the britishers relevant to these island.

Fishries Museum

When its display of more than 350 species of sea life museum gives an idea of the marine wealth that lies in the water of these island.

Fishries Museum

When its display of more than 350 species of sea life museum gives an idea of the marine wealth that lies in the water of these island.

Samudrika (Marine Museum)

Here one can witness a wide range of shells and marine life,which creates an awareness for the conservation of marine life.

Anthropoligical Museum

Display the habitat of aboriginals of these island in miniature.

Corby’s cove Beach

One of the picturesque sea beaches in the Island.Is is ideal for bathing and sun basking.The panoramic view of the seashore willdelight hearts with marinal driving.

Harbours Cruise(Viper Island)

Harbour cruise provides a unique experince of cruise along the harbour in a boat leaving from phoenix bay jetty.The panoramic/view of seven points fro the sea,harbour,the floating dock,etc.Are memorable the priop jail to cellular jail.There the gallow reminds the brutal way of punishment towards the convicts.

Jollybuoy/Red skin island

Jolly buoy a breath taking view of underwater coral and marine life.Glass bottom boats help to take a closer look at the coral colonies.Ideal for sea bathing and sun basking on the beach.The redskin island also offer the lure of underwater coral garden and unspolled beach.An occasional dolphin may also greet the eyes.A gtrat place for swimming,Scuba diving and snorkeling.

Andaman water sports complex

Adventures boat riding and skiling facility available at water sports complex and reminds the battle of Aberdeen.


About 26kms from port blair,Chidiya tapugenerally knows as birds island is situated at the southren most tip of south andaman.It lush mangroves and beach make it ideal picnic spot.