Inter Island Transport System

Inter-Island Transport system is the internal nervous system of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This transport system connects all the inhabited islands of this territory. As these Islands are located at a considerable distance from each other. All produces and products of these Islands are distributed among them through the network system of Inter-Island transport. This network system consists of two kind of transport, namely water transport and road Transport.

Inter-Island Water Ways

The capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair is connected with other Islands through the water and road transport. The Inter-Island water transport is further divided into Inter-Island Ship service and foreshore ferry service. The Inter-Island water transport connects the different and distinct islands with one another. Four passenger-cum-cargo ships are playing between the Islands. In fact these ships are backbone of inter-Island transport. These ships are under the operational control of Director of Shipping services. These ships may voyage from Port Blair to Diglipur in North and Campbell Bay in South. A round Voyage from Port Blair to Diglipur takes 3 days and from Port Blair to Campbell Bay seven days. While making voyage these vessels touch the different Islands namely Hut Bay, Nancowry, Car Nicobar, Rangat, Mayabunder, Neil, Havelock etc.

ForeShore Ferry Service

This type of Inter-Island water service is operated by the Andaman and Nicobar Administration between Port Blair and nearby Islands and ports like Neil, Havelock, Rangat, Kadamtala, Baratang etc. The distance by sea from Port Blair to important places of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in kms. is given in tables below:
Distace By Sea
From To Distance (KM's)
Port Blair Diglipur 183
Mayabunder 155
Rangat 92
Long Island 84
HaveLock 38
Oral Katcha 64
Wrefter 49
Long Island (via Oral Katcha) 82
Mayabunder via Havelock 137
Mayabunder via Long Island 135
Little Andaman 121
Car Nicobar 274
Narcondum 256
Nancowry 429
Nancowry via Car Nicobar 420
Barren Island 137
Neil Island 37
Baratang 64
Kadamtala 92
East Island (Uttara Jetty) 219
Katchal 416
Campbell Bay 537
South Bay (Great Nicobar) 548
Distance by Sea between Important Places
From To Distance (KM's)
Car Nicobar Chowra 100
Teressa 82
Katchal 146
Nancowry 150
Campbell Bay 83
Nancowry WB Katcha 91
Kandul 37
Pulomilo 27
Narcondum East Island 137
Diglipur 13
Mayabunder 155
North Sentinel 361
Hut Bay 365
Teressa Nancowry 55
Campbell Bay Kondul 55
Barren Island Mayabunder 121
Long Island 100
NanCowry 465
Kondul Pulomilo 37

Road Transport

The roads are the main means of travel in a particular Island. Rail transport is totally absent in these Islands and hence road transport is very important for both long and short distances. Road Transport in each Islands of this territory has brought a significant change in the tourism industry and other allied activities. Road Transport gives opportunity to tourists to enjoy the places,forests, nallahs etc. from close quarters. Now one can travel by bus upto Diglipur. Whenever bus stops are important places, one understands the way of living of the local people, local conditions, Culture Style, Social movement etc. Distance by road between the places is given in the below table:
Distance by Road from Port Blair Bus Terminus
From To Distance (KM's)
Port Blair Bus Terminus Chatham 5
Haddo Jetty 5
Buniyada Bad 5
Dairy Farm 5
Shadipur 5
Dolly Gunj 10
Bird Line 12
School Line 6
Garacharma 10
Teylarebad 12
Calicut 14
Sippighat 14
Minnie Bay 10
Pema Tekkri 16
Chouldari 20
Burma Nala 20
Manjeri 24
Port Mout 24
Madhuban 75
Carbynscove 7
Mount Harriet 55
Namunaghar 30
Chidai Toppu 28
Wandoor 30
Tirur 36
Dandas Point 32
Ferrargunj 34
Wimberlygunj 42
Jirkatang 64
Bambooflat Jetty 46
Middle Strait 100
Rangat 170
Mayabunder 240